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How Physical Therapy is Instrumental in the Recovery Process

When injury strikes and your mobility is compromised, the number one priority is getting back on your feet. Physical therapy is instrumental in your recovery process due to its ability to strengthen your body after illness or injury.

An integral component of the recovery process is adhering to a structured plan of physical therapy. Talking with one of our skilled nursing professionals will help get you to the next level of your goals after in your post-acute care.

Here are some of the benefits of adhering to a strict regimen of physical therapy:

Maintaining strength- As you age there is a risk to lose a lot of your strength, balance, and flexibility

Alleviating pain caused by arthritis- Physical therapy can preserve joint strength and alleviate pain through various exercises

Stretching tight joints and muscles– Stretching is essential for maintaining a healthy range of motion with joints and the flexibility of muscles

At South Coast Post Acute, our skilled nursing and licensed physical therapy specialists want to ensure you are able to live life to the fullest after surgery, illness or serious injury.

Contact us today to learn more about southern California’s choice for skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, and post-acute care

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