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3 Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Seniors

As a senior, occupational therapy has many benefits. Occupational therapy (OT) supplies patients with support and treatment to allow us to participate in everyday activities. It’s a common type of therapy for people of all ages, but it is especially prominent for seniors. The University of Southern California found that occupational therapy improves health and slows down aging-related issues for older adults. It’s an excellent way for the elderly to get the support they need at this stage in our life

Occupational Therapy Benefits include:

Adjustments to Everyday Life Through Occupational Therapy

As you may know, for many seniors, daily activities like walking, lifting, and eating can become a strenuous undertaking. When we can’t perform these basic tasks like they once could, it becomes frustrating and can often give up trying; leading to feelings of depression and isolation.

Subsequently, this is where the occupational therapist comes in. First, your doctor will work closely with you as a patient in coming up with goals for your medical needs. Second, therapists provide strength training lesions and teach you exercises and techniques that will alleviate the stress of completing daily tasks

Occupational Therapy Improves Memory

While physical therapy plays a major role in OT, studies show that it improves a patient’s memory. There are many ways a practitioner may go about this:

  • Memory-enhancing activities, such as puzzles, crosswords, and matching games
  • Teach caregivers techniques to help them properly care for the patient in an effective, safe manner
  • Hang stop signs on doors and gates for seniors who tend to get disoriented and wander

Furthermore, all elderly people will suffer some form of memory loss. As a result, the goal of OT is to slow down the decline. It may be wise for the caregiver to enroll each patient into an occupational therapy program for future health and success.

Occupational therapy assists Caregivers

Speaking of caregivers, it is often overlooked that OT can prove to be extremely beneficial for them. Caring for the elderly can be physically and emotionally draining, especially if the patient is your own parent. Fortunately, occupational therapists can assist caregivers by relieving any frustrations and concerns by teaching them healthy coping techniques. Your practitioner can inform them about ways they can further the elderly patient’s treatment at home.

Occupational Therapy Services at South Coast Post Acute

This is only a fraction of the benefits that OT  can provide senior patients. With new technology and innovations in the medical field, we’re excited to see many more benefits! In short, South Coast Post Acute works closely with each patient to help them adjust to everyday life. If you or a loved one is having trouble working through essential tasks, contact us to learn how our skilled therapist can help!

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