A doctor using different technology to research information
Improving Healthcare Transparency Builds Trust

If a company keeps their patients well informed and makes them feel like they have control over their health, that’s going to put them at a great advantage.

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CMS Adds New Quality Measures to Star Rating System

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services rate each care community on a five-star system. New measures added to ensure accurate representation of communities.

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A black wristband that say I love Rehab sits on a table in a post acute office
Why Post-Acute Care Partners Are Critical to Hospitals’ Future

Post-acute care providers are no longer a downstream referral partner. They become an extension of the hospital’s care delivery model.

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The South Coast Post Acute lobby
The American Healthcare Industry is being Transformed

Don’t trust your post-acute care to just anyone, come see why South Coast Post Acute is Orange County’s leading care provider.

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A senior woman is talking with a post acute nurse
Successful Partnerships between Hospitals and Post-Acute Care Communities

Rehospitalization rates are a large factor in choosing a post-acute care provider, as an ideal business should be below the national average.

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Two people holding hands in a post acute facility
Hospitals Look for Best Practices for Partnering with Post–Acute Care Providers

Post–acute care providers are an extension of a hospital’s care delivery model. Their performance has direct implications for the hospital’s bottom line.

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A row of white doors in a blue wall
4 Tips on Deciding Whether to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

Here are 4 tips that should help you make the decision whether to purchase long-term care insurance and what products to consider.

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A calculator is on top of a worksheet
Reduced Spending Power is a Growing Financial Problem for Seniors

Financial abuse and reduced spending power are growing problems for seniors. A recent survey shows seniors have lost 31% of their buying power since 2000.

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A doctor is working on his laptop at his desk with different technologies on the table
Managed Care Plans are taking over Medicaid Long-Term Care

More states are turning to managed-care companies to oversee populations in need of long-term care. States are increasingly turning to …

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