Internal Medicine Specialist and Patient

5 Indicators You May Need to See an Internal Medicine Specialist

Countless Americans are referred to an Internal Medicine Specialist, or Internist each year. Clarifying their role and understanding the indicators leading to your referral is important. Since each area of medicine is unique and deals differently with the abnormal functions of the human body; you’ll want to know what to expect and how an Internist is the best option for addressing your specific medical concern.

The expertise available through an Internist is in high demand for good reason, and this topic is what we’ll be exploring in more detail.

What is an Internist and What Do They Do?

An Internist, also known as an Internal Medicine Specialist, is one of the many medical specialists trained in a specific focus area of the human body. They examine internal systems, including organs, and offer preventive care. 

They often oversee chronic illnesses as well as a wide variety of other internal health conditions. Some Internists decide to have a sub-specialty focusing attention on the immune system, heart, lungs, etc. These sub-specialties allow them to more fully understand a wide scope of internal illnesses.

Highlights of What an Internist Can Do

Here is a highlight of what Internists are capable of providing their patients:

  • More precise diagnoses 
  • Tailored treatment plans
  • Preventative care options
  • Better management of medical conditions
  • Direct communication with patients

5 Common Reasons Patients are Referred to an Internal Medicine Specialist

It’s important to remember that Internists only treat adults and not children or youths. With that in mind, here are the most common reasons adult patients are referred to an Internist.

  1. You are experiencing internal pain somewhere inside your body – Experiencing pain inside your body, even without any outward appearance indicating a problem, is why many people seek the help of internal medicine. Sometimes you have an unexplainable pain with no specific reason as to what it is or what is causing it.

    Other times, you might be struggling with chronic ailments, such as headaches, neck pain, arthritis, etc. Either way, an Internist is able to more effectively diagnose and treat your medical condition. 
  1. You have high blood pressure – Dealing with high blood pressure may require a visit with an Internist for a closer look at the relationship between your medication, treatment needs, and experienced outcomes.
  1. You have diabetes – An Internist can assist with starting your journey on diabetes medication as well as with ongoing protocol guidance. If your diabetes has advanced and you need further evaluation and medical insights, an Internist can help you regain control of worsening diabetic conditions. 
  1. You have a chronic illness – Chronic illnesses call for the long-term oversight of an internal medical physician. These conditions may include: heart disease, obesity, pulmonary disease, etc. 
  1. Preventative diet and exercise plans – Your Internist is able to offer you key recommendations regarding your health through an individualized diet and exercise plan. Whatever you are medically prone to, an Internist assists with preventative care by guiding you through the best diet and exercise regimen to prevent or de-escalate specific areas of medical concern.

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