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Infection Control

At times, in a post-acute care community, an infection breakout can occur. Even when participating in diligent prevention measures, infections are sometimes unavoidable despite implementation of hygienic practices. Being able to control the spread of the infection is essential to having a healthier post-acute care environment. Here are the steps that we take when an infection does break out into our community.

When this event occurs in our South Coast Post Acute community, a key component in infection control is investigating where the original source of the infection generated. When detected early, fewer residents will be exposed to the illness. By caring for the original patient separate from the community, we are able to provide the personalized and attentive care that the patient will need during this time. It decreases the rate of infection and limits the risk of exposure to other patients.

Update Policies and Procedures
The policies and procedures we have here at South Coast Post Acute are continuously updated to reflect new regulations made by the federal and state government. The policies include effective ways to sterilize, control procedures for outside exposure, and cleaning methods to ensure optimal health for patients and employees in our post-acute community.

It is our privilege to educate our members in post-hospital care on federal and state infection-control regulations to combat the latest infections every season. Educating our community with this information is another key factor in keeping the spread of infection to a minimum. Reviewing new and old policies with residents that we have here at South Coast Post Acute is important in maintaining a healthy environment.

Getting sick is, at times,  unavoidable, however, it is important to control infections so they do not worsen throughout the post-acute care community. At South Coast Post Acute, we make sure to limit the spread of infection throughout our community to ensure you stay at optimal health while in post-hospital care.

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