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Improving Post Acute Care Models

Ways to Improved Post Acute Care Services

In collaboration with skilled nursing facilities, many hospitals and health systems are utilizing preferred post-acute care servicess networks to ensure a successful recovery for their patient.

A study from Community Medicine & Health Education found that improved post acute care services are able to reduce health care costs, and improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

That is why it is crucial for post-acute care institutions to improve on their facilities, services, and the capabilities of their staff.

What areas can post acute care facilities improve on?

Improved Care Services Through Smooth Transitions

It is not always easy for a patient to transfer into a post-acute setting. 

That is why facilities should have a team dedicated to reassuring patients in this new setting and assisting them with their appropriate treatments.

Enhanced Assessment of Post-Hospital Needs Through Care Services

Start by involving the patient, their family, caregivers, and community providers in order to complete a customized discharge plan. 

To decrease the likelihood of re-admission it is imperative for the post-acute care provider to establish an outline of goals for the patient to reach before they can be discharged.

Care Services Embrace Digital Technology

By using digital technology, post-acute care facilities can connect and monitor their patients closely to ensure they are meeting their goals. 

By doing so, the patient’s family and caregivers can feel confident their loved one is getting the level of care they need. 

Enhanced Focus on Emergency Services

According to Dr. William Wesley Fields, an emergency-oriented team of post-acute staff will have a greater effect on evaluating and treating patients with worsening chronic conditions. 

By having an emergency team to help, these patients will be less likely to need to go to the hospital or be re-admitted into post-acute care.

At South Coast Post-Acute, we are committed to providing excellent care for every patient in our community. 

That is why we are always studying how we can improve our post-acute care facility and new innovative ways to treat our patients. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your post-hospital needs!

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