Two male nurses helping patient on their feet after knee replacement surgery

The Importance of Tracking Physical Therapy Results

Physical therapy requires active participation from patients in order to achieve desired results. With all the hard work that goes into a physical therapy session, one of the most critical aspects involved throughout the physical therapy process is tracking results. At the end of every physical therapy session, it is important to highlight and review the progress people have made from their last sessions. South Coast Post Acute Care understands that tracking results for patients’ individual therapy sessions provide plenty of benefits. Here is how tracking physical therapy results improve our community.

Better Patient Outcomes
Tracking results of physical therapy allow therapists to gather evidence about a patient’s progress. This allows them to observe this data to get a better understanding of how a patient is responding to certain techniques and exercises. This allows the therapist to make strategic decisions about the path of care that is best for that specific patient, ensuring a more individualized care program that will improve patient outcomes.

Secures Patient Satisfaction
In addition to improving physical outcomes, tracking physical therapy results helps patients to feel more satisfied with their physical therapy sessions. Tracking results grant clearer communication between the physical therapists and their clients, thus resulting in a stronger understanding of what a patient may or may not be struggling with. Patients are also encouraged because they get to witness their health goals be achieved.

Here at South Coast Post Acute, our qualified team of physical therapists understand how important tracking physical therapy results are for our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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