How Does Nutrition Help During Rehabilitation?

Recovering from an operation or critical illness, such as a stroke or heart attack, is a process. It can be hard to adjust to the new limitations of your body and put time and energy into repairing yourself physically. In order to return to normal as quickly as possible, it is important to stick to strict regulations and incorporate positive physical activity daily, but something many people do not think of as a key to recovery is a nutritious diet. 

South Coast Post Acute is one of southern California’s leading post-acute facilities that helps you conquer your injury and recover from a serious illness. It’s never easy rehabilitating your body after an injury or illness, but our skilled staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. Read our blog post below to learn how nutrition helps with rehabilitation.

Nutrition Builds Strength

What you eat has a large impact on your body’s ability to build strength. Even bodybuilding trainer, Vince Gironda, was famous for saying, “bodybuilding is 80% nutrition.” While you might not be looking for bodybuilder physique, building strength and regaining muscle mass helps your body recover after surgery or illness. All of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs are made from amino acids so it is important to include a lot of these into your diet to build strength during rehabilitation. Supporting muscle growth and repair through nutrition improves any physical therapy you may undergo, helps you to recover quicker, and prevents further injury or illness.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Rehabilitation Nutrition

While the main focus of your rehabilitation might be improving your physical health, this can be a frustrating and stressful time. It is important to remember your mental well-being. Nutrition can supply your body with much needed energy that makes you feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Making nutrient rich foods a priority can affect your mood and give you a more positive outlook regarding recovery. Positive mental health is important for sticking to other parts of your rehabilitation plan, decreasing appetite loss after a medical occurrence, and maintaining an overall better quality of life necessary to feeling normal again.

Healing Factors of Nutrition

Aside from making other aspects of rehabilitation easier, the right nutrition can have direct healing factors. During rehabilitation from a variety of events, your body’s immune system is likely to be very weak, putting you at risk of catching infections that hinder your progress. Good nutrition can boost your immune system and reduce your risk of further illness. 

Nutrition is also known to have an effect on healing inflammation. While some level of inflammation is a part of the body’s healing process, providing your body with nutrients can suppress the pain and fatigue brought on by persistent inflammation.

Nutrition for Weight Management

Weight management is important for rehabilitation. This can include regaining weight that is lost as a result of your illness or operation or it could be safely losing weight that exacerbates pain, slows recovery, and leads to mobility problems. Nutrition helps you to reach and maintain a healthy, balanced weight so you can focus on other aspects of rehabilitation.

South Coast Post Acute is Your Partner in Physical Therapy

South Coast Post Acute is a 5-star rated Medicare facility and private healthcare community in southern California. For over 40 years, we’ve provided first-class service that emphasizes a high level of compassion and spirit. When you enroll in our facility, you aren’t just treated as a patient, you’re treated like family. With a wide range of health services, our team of professionals is capable of helping you. 

Contact us today and learn how South Coast Post Acute’s staff can help you recover from a herniated disc.

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