Getting the Most Out of Your Telehealth Visit

During the COVID-19 crisis, you probably saw an uptick in telehealth services and you may have already enlisted in these services. One thing is for sure, it’s not going away.

That’s why it’s important to know how to prepare yourself for your visit to get the most out of the experience. This can lead to better medical results and faster recoveries.

Here are just a few tips to know for your telehealth visit.

Test Technology in Advance

Of course, to benefit from this service, you will need a desktop computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Before your session starts, we recommend checking your internet connection to ensure you will have a steady connection throughout the visit. 

Pretend You’re Telehealth Visit is Really In-Person

Before you see your doctor, a nurse will typically gather your vital signs. While you may not be able to do this yourself, you may be able to gather some of your own information. For example, you may weigh yourself beforehand or take your own internal temperature with a trusty thermometer. You should also have your prescriptions handy in case your doctor wants to review your medications.

Keep Your Telehealth Visit Private

Being able to have a clear conversation with your doctor is important for any health visit. That’s why it’s recommended to conduct your telehealth visit in a private, safe space away from distractions and other people. Some examples include a room in your house, your parked car, or your private office.

Ask Questions During Your Telehealth Visit

Just like a regular health visit, you should ask your health provider questions. You may consider writing up some notes beforehand to ensure you’re prepared.

South Coast Post Acute is Here to Help You

South Coast Post Acute is your partner in recovery and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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