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Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

The summer season has a few weeks left, meaning there is still time for outdoor summer activities. South Coast Post Acute understands how staying active during the summer months can positively affect health. Spending time outside in the sun increases our vitamin D levels. This helps fight certain conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, heart attacks and depression. Our post acute care community encourages our residents to stay active this summer through the following activities.

Dive Into Water Aerobics
Public pools across the country offer a wide range of classes and events for people of all ages and often have specific classes that are tailored towards seniors. Not only is this a way to cool off during the summer heat, but exercising in water is easy on joints and can alleviate pain from arthritis.

Grow Your Green Thumb
Gardening has become more accessible in the past few years than ever before with community and urban gardens gaining popularity. This activity is a great option for people in need of low impact physical activities. Gardening can even be modified to accommodate people with low mobility, just use raised potted planters!

Volunteer Your Time
Spending time volunteering is a great way to stay active in the community and there are a ton of ways that people can get involved. Senior Corps is an organization that helps states coordinate people aged 55 and older who want to volunteer.

Here at South Coast Post Acute, our south coast skilled nursing staff help you identify activities that you may be interested in. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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