foods for bone fracture recovery

Foods that Speed Recovery after a Bone Fracture Injury

The healing properties of certain foods help aid in the recovery process necessary after experiencing a traumatic bone fracture injury. Although experiencing this type of painful injury is often a long-road to full recovery, the body does heal itself with time and proper care. Nutrition plays a significant role in aiding the bone recovery process. 

What can you do to give your bones the best chance at recovery? Besides getting rest and following the proper guidelines set by your physician, your diet plays a significant role in the rebuilding process of bone and other connective tissues that break apart after a fracture. 

It is always best to give your body what it needs from the primary source of vitamins and minerals– what you eat and drink. Supplemental pill form may be helpful, but this method is not always the best way to ensure your body has absorbed what it needs.

These Food Sources Support Bone Regeneration

Before we dive into what research shows is most helpful for our bones to rebuild with the proper nutrition, always follow the dietary guidelines set forth by your personal physician. The oversight of a nutritionist and physician is the best way to ensure your overall health is positioned for optimal health and injury recovery.

Quality Protein and Calcium 

Nearly half of your bone’s structure is composed of protein. Bone fractures require more protein to increase its available nutrients and rebuild quickly. High protein diets prove helpful in giving the body what it needs to rebuild strong bone tissue. Calcium absorption depends on protein, so it is important to pair meals with both sources for maximum absorption. 

The following are examples of ways to pair good quality protein with calcium food sources:

  • Beef steak with cottage cheese
  • Salmon with broccoli
  • Chicken with beans and kale

Calcium is vital to your bone health and on average, adults should be taking in between 1,000 and 1,200 mg of daily calcium. Calcium sources do not have to be dairy based if you struggle with lactose intolerance. 

There are plenty of other calcium sources besides milk and cheese. You may wish to include kale, bok choy, tofu, broccoli, turnips, collard greens, and almond milk. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a carrier vitamin, meaning that it carries other nutrients into the body for best absorption. The nutrients vitamin D carries is calcium, making it an important vitamin to be received through your daily diet after experiencing a bone fracture. Besides sunlight, you can receive vitamin D through eating foods like eggs, fatty fish, cod liver oil, and yogurt. 


Vitamin C helps your body produce the protein rich collagen necessary for bone regrowth. Eating foods rich in vitamin C will boost collagen production and aid in the time your bone tissues take to connect and become strong again. Food sources high in vitamin C include citrus fruits, peppers, potatoes, and green vegetables.

What to Avoid

While growing in awareness of the helpful foods that contribute to your bone health, it is just as important to know which types of food and drinks harm your bones. Brittle bones are not just due to a lack of vitamins and minerals, but also the result of ingesting too much alcohol, salt, and coffee. Too much of these items will remove calcium in your body, making it harder to heal properly.

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