The Most Important Foods and Nutrients for Older Adults

Older adults are more sensitive to the dietary impact derived from consuming certain foods. Eating healthy is essential for reducing inflammation and promoting a stronger immune response. 

At this stage in life, your body heavily depends on specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to promote optimal well-being.

What Nutrients Are Most Important as You Age?

By elevating the quality of foods you ingest, you subsequently improve your quality of life. So, what nutrients are most important to consume as you age? 

Important nutrients to consume:

  • Protein – Adults over the age of 71 are more likely to be deficient in protein
  • Vitamin D – Supports bone health and reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases 
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids reduce inflammation, increase cognitive function, eye health and more
  • Calcium – Improves muscular function and regulates heart rhythm while preventing bone density loss and osteoporosis 
  • Magnesium – Regulates nerve and muscle function, blood glucose levels and promotes deeper sleep
  • Healthy Fats – Support optimal brain function and feeling full longer

The following foods are rich in these nutrients: 

  • Salmon – Wild-caught is richest in omega-3 and vitamin D
  • Sardines – Abundant in protein and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Mushrooms – Rich in copper, zinc, vitamin D and selenium
  • Flaxseed – A good source of omega-3 and fiber
  • Dark leafy greens – Rich in calcium and magnesium
  • Almonds – Contain healthy fats, calcium and protein 
  • Black beans – A good source of magnesium and protein
  • Avocados – An excellent source of healthy fats and vitamins, including vitamins E, K, C, B6, folate, etc.

Boosting your intake of vitamins, minerals and these superfood nutrients will significantly improve mental and physical well-being. 

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