Stroke Recovery

How to Ensure the Best Stroke Recovery Possible

After experiencing a stroke, the recovery process begins as soon as emergency healthcare professionals begin to apply treatment. Therefore, the best stroke recovery always begins with immediate medical attention. 

No matter the type of stroke your loved one experiences, it’s important that family members and friends remain aware of how to identify the earliest signs of a stroke. Prompt care by a trained medical team offers the highest chances of full recovery.

Treatment for Ischemic Strokes and Hemorrhagic Strokes

Following a brain scan, doctors will determine the type of stroke your loved one has experienced. Depending on what neurologists discover, the best treatment options are offered.

Treating an Ischemic Stroke

An ischemic stroke is the result of the blocking of blood vessels in the brain. Medication for breaking up blood clots (thrombolytic medicine) is typically administered when a person experiences an ischemic stroke. Stroke patients who receive thrombolytic medicine are shown to have a higher chance of full recovery than those who do not. 

The effectiveness of thrombolytic medication depends on the speediness of medical treatment. Unfortunately, when stroke patients don’t receive immediate hospital treatment with blood clotting dissolving medication, they are more likely to require long-term nursing care. Blood thinners and surgery are additional ways ischemic strokes are treated. 

Treating a Hemorrhagic Stroke

A hemorrhagic stroke results whenever a brain artery leaks or ruptures. A team of medical professionals may apply various types of medicines, surgical treatments and other procedures to preserve vulnerable brain tissue. 

Stroke Recovery After the Hospital 

Stroke rehabilitation after the hospital is an important step in the recovery journey. While the time expected for recovery varies with each individual, there are methods that support faster recovery.  

Stroke rehabilitation may include:

Speech therapy

Speech therapy helps stroke victims regain their ability to speak clearly and coherently while also understanding speech from others. Speech therapy is also an important way for stroke victims to strengthen lost muscle memory in the pattern formation of speaking.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy and stroke rehabilitation usually involve implementing specific exercises to practice coordination and movement abilities. Regaining functional movement through regular physical therapy is an important part of recovering after a stroke.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is another key rehabilitative function for stroke recovery. The focus of this type of therapy is centered around regaining the ability to engage in normal daily activities again such as: eating, drinking, getting dressed, taking a shower and so on.

Good nutrition and patience are the best additions to the stroke rehabilitation procedures listed above. It’s important for loved ones to support the medical team and the person recovering from a stroke by following the recommended treatment plan and recovery care as determined by their team of medical professionals. 

While stroke recovery looks different for everyone, by following the suggestions outlined here, you’ll have a better idea of how to navigate the path ahead for your loved one with this serious medical condition. Thankfully, there are many resources to promote the best stroke recovery experience possible.

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