Effective Physical Therapy Techniques

When we think of physical therapy, we normally think of the classic “Manual Therapy,” which consists of stretching, massages, and various movements. However, in our post-acute care, physical therapy goes beyond just manual therapy. There is a lot more you can do to strengthen your body to prepare to enhance your manual therapy sessions. Some of these techniques include:

Putting on a heating pad on injury or sore area can reduce pain by making soft tissue in muscles and tendons, more flexible and pliable. This makes it less painful for you and easier to actively engage in your session. Although heating pads are a great tool, they should be used in addition to your manual therapy session, not in replacement of.

A lot of seniors suffer from disc herniation in their backs from standing because the weight compresses the disc cartilage together, causing excruciating back pain. Traction allows more space for nerves and alleviates compression by separating vertebrates. This will result in a better quality of life because seniors will not require back surgery nor have back pains every time they stand.

Functional Electrical Stimulation
Functional Electrical Stimulation (ESTIM) is a common treatment to improve muscular function after a traumatic injury. Through very minor electrical stimulus, our skilled nursing can cause contractions in muscles that would normally remain dormant. Proper movement is restored quicker than relying on physical movement alone.

Here at South Coast Post Acute care, we strive for you to get your desired outcomes when it comes to recovering. There are many different physical therapy techniques that can assist movement and alleviate pain. We want to help you with your post-acute care experience reach your goals. Contact us today to learn how South Coast Post Acute can help!

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