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Early Detection of Common Infections

Here at South Coast Post Acute, we make sure infections are detected early to keep our community as germ-free as possible. Spotting symptoms as they first arise can really help in preventing the spread of infections in a post acute community. Here are just a few of the more common infections and how we handle prevention care in our post-hospital care:

Pneumonia is very common amongst seniors. As we age, we have a decrease in lung capacity and our bodies are not able to fight bacteria as proficiently. For people of a younger age, cough, fever, and chills are early symptoms of pneumonia, however, for seniors, it can be quite different. They usually experience some confusion or delirium when initially infected with pneumonia. Here in our post-acute care community, our skilled nurses can spot this early and treat this right away, before it worsens.

Skin Irritations
One of the most common infections seniors can also have is some form of a skin irritation. This could be anything from a cut not healing properly or a deeper underlying issue like a rash. In a post acute care community it is important to see if something on the skin arises early because it is easy to transmit to others. We make sure at South Coast Post Acute to keep a close eye on our patients. We treat a skin irritation right when it arises to avoid any discomfort or exposure.

Elderly Influenza
Other chronic conditions seniors are highly susceptible to increases the risk of developing elderly influenza. Like pneumonia, there are various symptoms a senior can have that are different than just coughing, sneezing, and congestion. In our post acute community, we make sure our patients are vaccinated annually to prevent infection and to support immunity.

Early detection and prevention of symptoms in a post acute community is the key to keeping infections from spreading. Our South Coast skilled nursing staff is highly trained to spot symptoms early and treat them as soon as possible. If you have any questions about common infections and how we treat our patients, please feel free to contact us.

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