A older female is talking with a man in the park about downsizing

Downsizing Before Entering a Post- Acute Facility

Making the move to a Post-Acute facility? Downsizing is an important thing to check off your “to-do” list before making the move.

A common worry is the lack of space you will have in your new place.

Here are a few tips to downsizing before the transition:

Maintain meaningful links to your past, it is important to step into your new life without erasing the old one.

Maximize your space by focusing on placing familiar things like family photos and other mementos instead of new furniture

The keepsakes will give you comfort and these items can double as icebreakers when new neighbors visit.

Facilities like South Coast Post Acute will assist you in adapting to your new lifestyle while making you feel welcome and assist you as you work towards your goals.

Contact Us to learn more about how South Coast Post Acute can aid your recovery and create a seamless transition in post-acute living.

South Coast Post Acute is the post-acute community of choice in Southern California.

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