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Devices To Assist the Elderly for Post-Acute Care


Hesitant on whether or not you or a loved one is ready for an assistant device after post-acute care?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the number one cause of death and injury among Americans over the age of 65. 

So, it is vital for caregivers and agencies to be aware of the option to help retain senior mobility and have the training to provide the best quality of post-acute care available.

Devices such as canes can provide walking support after injury or fall. Walkers can act as a dual assistant when being involved in occupational therapy. Wheelchairs act as a transportation option for those who have suffered strokes or cardiac injuries.

When it comes to keeping seniors independent, there are a plethora of assistant devices for seniors to choose from.

Facilities like South Coast Post Acute have advanced technology and knowledge on what device will be right for you.

Contact Us to learn more about how South Coast Post Acute can aid your recovery using nutrition and dietary tactics. 

South Coast Post Acute is the post-acute community of choice in Southern California.

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