Elderly woman knitting to deal with memory loss

Dealing with Memory Loss


South Coast Post Acute is Southern California’s post-acute community of choice for patients, providers, and caregivers, providing skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy, post-hospital care, and post-acute care. As we age, memory loss becomes a challenge for many of us. Here are a few simple, effective ways to improve your memory as you grow older.

Do Mental Math. The next time you have to figure out a math problem, like calculating a tip at a restaurant, resist the urge to pull out your smartphone or calculator and do the math in your head. This can actually improve your brain’s cognitive functions.    

Improve Your Fine-Motor Skills. Learning a new hobby, such as knitting, drawing, or even doing a puzzle, can develop your hand-eye coordination, keeping your brain active while exercising your fine-motor skills.

Take up a New Sport. You probably have a favorite workout routine or sport you enjoy. Learning a new sport challenges your brain in a different way while being active. It can improve your hand-eye coordination, as well.

Do Math and Word Games. Crossword puzzles and mind games like Sudoku can be excellent tools for improving your memory, and research suggests that having a large vocabulary can protect you against cognitive impairment.

While these exercises can help improve brain performance as we age, sadly, some people deal with long-lasting diseases that affect memory. If needed, South Coast Post Acute provides specialty Memory Care services to support those living with progressed stages of memory loss in a long-term care setting. They are designed to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable. Our team of healthcare professionals utilizes the latest in innovative medical techniques and treatments to provide individualized care for the needs of each resident. If you or a loved one require specialty Memory Care, post-hospital rehabilitation or post-acute care, contact South Coast Post today.


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