A female doctor is putting on her gloves to top the spread of infections COVID-19

Containing COVID-19 in Post Acute Care

The COVID-19 crisis has to lead to a surge of patients requiring post acute care.

As cases in skilled nursing facilities escalate we must successfully implement stringent strategies.

Establish COVID-19 Prevention Practices 

A core practice for all skilled nursing care facilities is to establish core practices.

Minimizing Risk 

Post acute care residents are at high risk of being affected by respiratory pathogens. Apply stringent procedures to reduce risk of contraction.

Aggressive infection prevention and control (IPC) plans are critical to protecting patients and healthcare staff.

Acquire Adequate Supplies

As a healthcare facility, sustaining proper levels of personal protective equipment (PPE), or ventilators if necessary, is a priority and concern.

Develop a Response Plan

Conducting  regular drills and exercises prepare facilities for emergency situations ahead of time.

Manage Illness

Identify and manage  severe illness in residents early on to help limit exposure of COVID-19.

Core practices that should be in place are reporting COVID-19 cases immediately and to educate residents, personnel, and visitors about COVID-19 and the current precautions being taken by the facility.

Guidance for Post-Acute Care

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