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Building Positive Post-Acute Partnerships

Developing a strong relationship with your post-acute provider is one of the key ways to recover after your hospital discharge. It creates a value-based strategy plan that’s aimed at your full recovery and preventing potential rehospitalization. 

South Coast Post Acute creates an environment dedicated to your recovery. We don’t want you to simply perceive us as your post-acute providers, we’re your partners. To promote this, we provide a state-of-the-art facility that features innovative technology and skilled staff committed to helping you. Read our blog post below to learn how building a positive relationship can help your recovery. 

Find a Facility That’s Built with Comfort in Mind

One way facilities are building positive post-acute relationships with their patients is by creating a comfortable environment. Feeling at ease and assured is one of the many ways people begin building their relationships with their post-acute provider. 

Facility features that promote comfortability include:

  • Plenty of natural light
  • Hotel-like amenities
  • Comfortable seating
  • Good interior designs

Additionally, facilities should be architecturally designed to promote a comforting environment. You shouldn’t have to worry about navigating through a facility to find what you’re looking for. Facilities should encourage easy access and use things like wayfinding to help you find what you are looking for. 

Post-Acute Providers Should Encourage Treatments for Short Rehab Stays

A shift towards treatment that encourages shorter rehabilitation stays has plenty of benefits for patients. According to Mainstreet, it provides more personalized and effective care schedules. It also creates reachable goals for healing and returning a sense of normalcy to patients’ lives. 

  • More personalized and effective care schedules: Focusing on a shorter stay helps providers schedule around the patient’s needs. If patients need more time, they can take it to recover, or patients who heal quickly aren’t forced to stay longer for monetary reasons.
  • The focus should be on patient healing: A shorter stay model puts focus on figuring out the most effective treatment to get the patient home and recovered as quickly as possible. Your provider will create a plan of action centered around your needs and comfortability while guiding you every step of the way to ensure you are effectively rehabilitated.

Communication is Key for Building Strong Post-Acute Partnerships

Another important factor in creating a strong relationship with your post-acute care provider is developing a strong repertoire with them. Providers who clearly communicate medical instructions, patient education, and other important clinical information are vital for one’s recovery. Additionally, it’s important that you feel comfortable in communicating any issues you’re having or questions you have about your treatment. 

There are some key things you should look out for in finding the right provider for you.

  • Patient teach-back: This is when your doctor ensures you understand the information they’re communicating to you. They will ask you to repeat the discussed health information to help you understand what you must do.
  • Providers should not show signs of bias: Biases can harm the patient-provider relationship and subsequently harm your recovery outcomes. One example of this are providers who have biases towards overweight or obese patients, delivering instructions more harshly than they may have intended.
  • They should be open to new technology: Let’s face it, technology is changing the entire healthcare landscape. This is especially true when you consider how powerful services like telehealthcare are during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using technology and trends related to these innovations brings new opportunities for care and may lead to better recovery outcomes. 

South Coast Post Acute Builds Strong Post-Acute Partnerships

At South Coast Post Acute, we are committed to providing excellent services for our clients to ensure an effective recovery with a low chance of rehospitalization. We are passionately dedicated to providing the quality of service and care you come to expect from Southern California’s leading post-acute care provider. 

Through our innovative care and dedicated, experienced staff, we strive to provide the best patient care with a focus on reducing your length of stay when possible and preventing 30-day rehospitalizations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you on your journey back to full health.

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