A New Approach to Post-Acute Care Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the limited clinical support medical facilities around the country had with many nursing facilities showing a high number of cases among residents and staff. So how has the healthcare industry improved their communication with local and national healthcare organizations?

A Phased Approach to Long-Term and Post-Acute Care

A three-phased approach developed by The University of Washington Medicine’s Post-Acute Care Network was implemented to address the following:

  • Help Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) slow the spread of the disease
  • Support local SNFs from becoming overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases
  • Decrease pressure on area hospitals, clinics, and emergency medical services
  1. Initial Phase

Designed to (1) optimize communication, (2) review infection control practices, and (3) create a centralized process to track and test the target population.

  1. Delayed Phase

Slow the spread of the disease once it’s present in the SNF by providing consistent education and reinforcing infection prevention and control practices staff. 

  1. Surge Phase

Consists of deploying a “Drop Team” within 24 hours of an outbreak at a facility who test patients and exposed employees, triage symptomatic patients, and improve coordination with local health authorities.

This COVID-19 Three-Phase Response Plan provides a standardized approach that other healthcare systems can adopt. Additional measures have been taken by other healthcare organizations expanding the phased approach for patients.

A vaccine was anticipated and recommendations on the distribution and administration of vaccinations were to be managed by post-acute care providers. Additional strategies were developed to deliver non-COVID-19 related medical care and to transition to the post-COVID-19 landscape. 

Support & Guidance for Immunizations and COVID-19 Vaccine

Healthcare service providers have developed and implemented COVID-19 protocols and safety measures, modifying how they operate so they can continue to provide essential services to patients. They are also making sure that preventative health measures are available for individuals and communities. 

Training must be on-going as new COVID-19 vaccines become available to ensure healthcare professionals meet the demands of their roles. As vaccine recommendations evolve we’ll learn to improve the vaccination process.

The CDC provides support for vaccination providers who participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. This support is giving healthcare professionals strict requirements and recommendations that provide guidance to ensure the well-being and safety of their communities.  

Receive First-Class Care at South Coast Post Acute

At South Coast Post Acute we ensure the highest standard of care. Taking the necessary measures to implement four vaccination clinics with nearly ninety percent of our staff vaccinated and approximately ninety-five percent of our patients as well. Contact us today and learn why we’re the recovery center of choice in Southern California.

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