New Year's Resolutions

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Many people dislike the idea of New Year’s resolutions because they often fail at keeping them halfway into January. However, the concept of goal setting is something everyone should embrace, and with a new number to mark the year, it feels like the perfect time to start! 

Older adults have much to gain by planning out and sticking to some New Year’s resolutions. It’s not uncommon for them to feel as though they lack purpose or need something to look forward to.

Thankfully, New Year’s resolutions are goals, and goals give people purpose. Seniors should embrace their new goals for the year and regain a sense of purpose in their daily routines. 

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Here are some great New Year’s resolution ideas worth considering:

1. Organize your important documents

Sometimes important documents are lost, and senior’s loved ones struggle to find what they need for doctor’s or legal appointments. Don’t put off collecting and organizing your important medical and legal documents. Make this year one where you collect and keep updated on all important papers that you or your loved ones might need to access. 

2. Create a cleaner, clutter-free environment

It is easy to collect things throughout the years and hold onto items that you might never use or need anymore. After a while, what used to be helpful becomes clutter. Cleaning out your environment is better for your health, hygiene, and mental well-being. It is also safer to remove things you may stumble over or risk unintentionally hurting yourself.

3. Embrace a ‘food is medicine’ mentality  

Becoming less reliant on pharmaceuticals usually involves adjusting your diet. With the guidance and approval of your doctor, many medications are downsized when a person eats healthier and gets plenty of rest and outdoor activity. You should embrace eating food not only for your enjoyment but for the medicinal purposes food provides. Your body is less resilient when these necessary vitamins and minerals are missing from your diet. 

4. Exercise your mind and body regularly

Don’t allow your mind or body to become ‘rusty’. Keep your body in motion and your mind sharp through exercise. Along with physical exercise, there are plenty of brain games like chess, crossword puzzles, and card games that help strengthen your neurological system. Make this the year you prioritize physical activity and mental challenges that strengthen your memory and overall cognitive function. 

5. Formalize your wishes

Avoiding discussions with your family and legal contact regarding matters related to your passing is common. However, the greatest peace of mind is making sure that your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are and taking all the necessary legal steps to formalize your wishes. 

6. Forgive and break the silence

It’s easy to hold onto grudges and get offended throughout the years. You may not be speaking to a friend or relative anymore. However, without intentionally forgiving yourself and others, you may not realize how ‌bitterness hardens you. It is a good idea to consciously forgive throughout your life, but especially as you become older. 

Letting go of anger and negative emotions will greatly improve your quality of life. Perhaps this is the year to break the silence and call that person you haven’t spoken to in years. You’d be surprised at how your mental and physical well-being will benefit. 

Make 2023 a year filled with purpose and, when you’ve checked off the things on this list, keep new goals filling up your calendar throughout the year. You’ll soon notice how a little intention goes a long way!

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